What is PoliceCable?

PoliceCable is a cloud service that provides law enforcement agencies with their own live body-cam networks.

Each body-cam on the network can be viewed in real-time by the command center.

Live broadcasts are automatically archived in the integrated Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) cloud. Video is never stored on body-cams.

Create a PoliceCable account >

What are the different user roles and permissions?

  • Network Owner: The person who creates the Agency account automatically assumes the role of the Network Owner. The Network Owner can manage Channels,  manage billing, manage cameras, watch broadcasts and do live broadcasts.
  • Network Members (Officers): Can manage their own cameras, watch broadcasts and do live broadcasts.

How does it work?

Network Owners:

  1. Register your agency on www.policecable.com.
  2. In your www.policecable.com account, create a channel account for each Network Member (officer).

Network Members:

  1. Add any number of SATCAM cameras to your channel account on policecable.com.
  2. Click the GO LIVE button on the SATCAM camera to start broadcasting.

What is a SATCAM body-cam?

SATCAM body-cams uplink live video directly to the TVI satellite where it is available for downlinking in real-time from anywhere in the world. There are two types of SATCAM body-cams:

  • SATCAM-1: an iPhone SE running the SATCAM mobile app (available in Q4, 2017);

  • SATCAM-2: a standalone miniature cellular camera (available in 2018).

How much does it cost?

All fees are charged on a recurring monthly basis.

  • Camera Fee: $99 per added camera."
  • Data Storage Fee: $0.05 per GB or part of;
  • Uplink Fee: Charged directly by the cellular service provider.
  • Downlink Fee: $0.05 per minute of live video or part of.

What is a broadcast?

A broadcast is a live video stream from a SATCAM body-cam. Broadcasts can be as short or as long as you want.

How to watch broadcasts?

Network Owners and Network Members can view broadcasts on www.policecable.com.

How to create a broadcast?

To create a broadcast, simply click the GO LIVE button on a SATCAM body-cam.

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